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Entice – Jessica ShirvingtonEntice by Jessica Shirvington
Series: The Embrace Series #2
Published by Sourcebooks Fire on March 5th 2013
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Pages: 438
Format: Hardcover
Source: Library
ISBN: 140227128X

Every day Violet Eden wonders whether she made the right choice.
She still doesn't fully understand the powers she's been granted as a half-angel Grigori. And worse, isn't even sure she's capable of using them. Stab someone through the heart? Really?
No matter how bad things get, though, Voilet doesn't run and she doesn't quit. Even if it means she can never allow herself to love the guy she longs for. Even if it means asking her enemy for help. Even if no one is telling her the truth.
The war between Exiles and Angels is on - and she's wanted by both sides.

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A not so enticing 3.5 stars. 

Entice was a fast-paced read with some of the A, B, C’s that paranormal fantasy lovers enjoy: angels, battles and control. 

A Quick Summary:

With quite a few struggles, Violet Eden has embraced the fact that she is a half-angel Grigori. It is the job of the Grigori to protect the human race and “free will”, and in doing so they must deal with angelic exiles who seek to harm the human population. Generally, they do so in one of two ways. First they offer the exile the opportunity to give up their super-human abilities and simply become human. If they choose not to take this route, and few often do, they “return” the exiles, through death, so that they may pay for their crimes.

In this followup to Embrace, Violet and her crew of fellow Grigori must team up to hunt down the long-lost scriptures. For it is these scriptures that hold numerous secrets for both Grigori and Exiles that are crucial to each’s very survival. The race is on between both sides to see who will find the scriptures first, and thus, develop the upper hand on the other. Phoenix, Vi’s ex lover and all-around-bad-guy, is leading the charge as leader of the Exiles.

Violet must continue to work her way through her abilities, all the while dealing with bombshell after bombshell regarding everything from her parents, her love life, and her very survival. Everything comes down to Violet. The fate of the world, the fate of humanity and the fate of her soul rests in the balance.

The Good:

So, before I really get into things I just wanted to say that I did not read the first book in this series – Embrace. Why you ask? Why would I read the second book in a series without reading the first? Well, that’s a great question. My answer to that is rather simple. I honestly did not know that this wasn’t the first book. When I was at the library, I was looking around like I normally do and I just happened upon Entice. I wasn’t looking for it, and I had never heard of it. So, I figured why not give it a shot. I took a quick look on Goodreads to see if it was part of a series, but with the title change and series name change, I wasn’t having the best of luck. And frankly, I really wasn’t looking that hard. Anyways, eventually I figured it out, but I forgot to write myself a note. So when I picked up the book again the other day, I had no idea. It wasn’t until about 80% of the way through that I remembered. By then I was already too invested.

So that leaves me pretty conflicted. Should I be happy that the story was able to stand on it’s own? Should I rejoice in the fact that even though the book is part of a series, it’s self-contained enough that you don’t necessarily have to read the first book? I’m just not sure. Now don’t misunderstand me. I’m sure there are quite a few things that I have no idea of since I didn’t read the first book. I’m also pretty sure that if I would have read it, I would have been more invested in the story. Either way though I was still pleasantly surprised. Since I liked the book it almost feels like a small gift. It’s like “oh hey yeah there’s another book out there that will provide some back-story for you”.

Just keep this in mind for the rest of the review, as obviously, this is going to have some impact.

Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty.

First, the characters. Now I can’t say that these are the deepest character’s you’ll ever read about, or even the most artfully created. But they aren’t bad either. I liked how Ms. Shirvington crafted her characters emotions in tune with their personality. For example Lincoln always seems to be rather stoic and reserved, so to see him lash out occasionally made it that much more meaningful. Spence, on the other hand, always seems to be gung-ho about everything, so seeing him reserved raises an eyebrow or two. It’s these little trademarks that make characters standout in a sea of cookie cutters. It’s what adds the depth that’s necessary for any sort of connection to take place.

What action there was, I enjoyed thoroughly. It was really quite intriguing to read about all of the abilities of the different Grigori and exiles, but it was even better to read them actually using the abilities in combat situations. Since I didn’t read the first book, I had absolutely no clue what kind of abilities Violet had. The recap in the beginning of the book helped a bit here, but I’m assuming it’s a poor substitute for the real thing. Either way, I thought the abilities were pretty interesting.

In rather general terms, I really like the premise for the book. I know it’s been done before, but I don’t normally read a lot of books revolving around angels. I liked how in the beginning of every chapter there was a quote relating to the situation at hand, usually one that came from the bible or famous speaker. Similarly, I really enjoyed that Ms. Shirvington used actual bible references to back up her story. Giving a base of something as real as the bible helped to ground the story in reality, and present it in such a way that it was believable, even while being fantastical.

The Bad:

I mentioned above that I loved the action in this book, or at least what little action there was. That’s one of the main problems I had though. It’s not that the action was done poorly, it’s that there really wasn’t a lot of it. With all of the talking about feelings and whatnot we lost out on what could have been some kick-butt fun. Now I get that it’s not all about the big explosions and what-have-you, but man there’s got to be something more to keep me pulled in other than the petal plucking bologna “he loves me, he loves me not”.

Same with the romance department. What romance there was, was good. Very tastefully done. But there really wasn’t enough. I get that Linc and Vi can’t be together, or rather shouldn’t, at least for practical reasons, but damn. Throw me a bone here. I was rooting for Vi the whole time, but nothing ever really progressed. I felt like we were marching in circles, and every time there looked to be hope, it was just another rut in the circle.

Also, I quickly wanted to mention that I really despised some of the “twists and turns” that this book took. Primarily, because they really weren’t that surprising. I mean we’re dealing with a book about angels that has bible verses within it, and it’s some huge surprise that the guy named Jude who seems powerful and old is actually Judas! Really? Come on. I kept thinking, duh! I figured that out the moment he said his name. But, oh well, it’s not a huge faux pas, so I’ll let it slide.


Entice was, for the most part, a pretty enjoyable book. This isn’t the book that’s going to make your must-read list (probably), but it’s also not going to go into your regret pile either (again, probably). Simply put, it’s just a nice little read. With some more action and romance, we could be looking at a great series, but until then I just see it as average. I’m looking forward to going back and reading the first in the series to see if it changes my impression of this book. Either way I’ll be sure to provide an update and let y’all know!


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