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I was perusing the videos of the newly discovered BookTube community when I came across what seemed like the Holy Grail of subscription boxes: The Nocturnal Reader’s Box. Here was a box that combines my need for the twisted and creepy with two new books every month, and some creepy companion items. Battling my willpower, I debated the subscription for a night before caving. Surely a discount (normally it’s $35 per month + shipping) and purchasing three months at a time made it more of a bargain? That’s what I’m telling myself, anyways, since my new year, new me resolution is to stop buying books until I’ve completed a chunk of my alarming TBR pile. And really, if they’re already paid for I’m not technically buying them each month.

So I placed my order and sat impatiently waiting for the time to come when they would be shipped out and I could enjoy the creepy treasures. This month, February, is the theme Paranoia, which encompasses books around those too scared to open windows or go outside, and that ever nagging feeling of eyes watching, waiting. Oh dear I’m making myself nervous just explaining it!

It comes in an unassuming brown box with The Nocturnal Reader’s Box logo, which defies the number of items inside. Upon opening it, they’re all stacked neatly and nothing is damaged. The books do have some battered edges and corners, typical of what happens when books are shipped in boxes. The other items all arrived undamaged and I was glad to see that, for the most part, they stuck with what could be used for reading or writing about books.

The first item in the box is a lined journal with a quote from Philip K. Dick saying “Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then.” It’s a nice quality journal with a leather-like cover that feels protective for travel. I’ll most likely use it to write reviews on the fly or reading thoughts.

The next item is the first book. Under a Watchful Eye by Adam Nevill is a hardcover new release. It’s 400 pages long, came out January 12th this year, and has about 4 stars on Goodreads which isn’t a bad rating at all. It promises to be a paranoid thriller where people lurk in the shadows following and seeing as the protagonist Seb Logan tries to outrun his past. But you can’t outrun your past forever. I haven’t read any books by Adam Nevill so this will definitely be on my list to read this year.

This next item surprised me. First I thought it was a special edition of Silence of the Lambs, which was exciting because I love a good special edition and haven’t read it yet, but then I noticed there were no pages! It is actually a deceiving book box, with a pretty inside pattern of insects to accompany it.

Opening the box led me to the next book, American Psycho by Easton Ellis. This is the older book this month, which is still nice for me because I don’t believe I own a copy of this, and have debated purchasing it for while but haven’t caught it on sale. I have seen the movie so I know the basic outline is about Patrick Bateman being a successful Wall Street somebody, but also being a psychopath and going on a murder spree. It’s gritty and has a lot of dark humor in it. That led me into the next item,which made me laugh.

A pin that says “I have to return some videotapes.” and looks like a cassette tape, on a Patrick Bateman business card. This was accompanied by a pair of sunglasses with “Don’t follow me” printed on the side. This is probably the least useful item for me,as I have to wear prescription sunglasses to drive, but they seem like they’re nice sunglasses.

To finish there is an art print in every box that goes with the theme. It’s a nice piece of work and fits the theme. They also include a bookmark, and I actually lucked out I think and received two instead of the intended one, haha! I think it is a good value for what I’m paying, with curators who really strive to meet the theme for each box.

I should probably add, in case it wasn’t entirely clear, that I wasn’t sent this box and this little article isn’t sponsored. Let us know if you like this kind of article or want to see more like it. I’m excited for next month’s theme- Lost in the Woods!



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