About Us


Ever have one of those “Ah Ha” moments? One of those times in your life when you finally figure something out; something that was staring you in the face the entire time? Well that’s exactly how Fiction Foresight was born!

Treavor (ever the chatterbox) was talking to Dan about yet another book when it happened. It just clicked with him how much time the two of them spent going on and on about books. So why not blog about it? Why not share their thoughts with more than just a phone receiver?

Several weeks later, Fiction Foresight was online and ready to go. Not long after it became evident that Treavor and Dan needed others to join in their fun. Adding Kim F. and Kat C. to the mix made Fiction Foresight into the “4” person blogging “site” that it is today!

In 2016 Kat C. sadly retired from Fiction Foresight. One person down, we scoured the globe (our friends list) for a fourth and so it was that Deb H. joined us! We’re so excited to have her on board; and we’re looking forward to our best year yet! 


Personal Bios:

Dan S. – I have always had a love for fiction. As a kid, my dad and I would watch fiction shows and movies together.  So of course once I was old enough to read, the first place I went was the fiction section. Lately though, I’ve been enjoying classic Science Fiction and dystopian style books. I try to keep my reviews shorter yet concise, and aim them towards those who are looking for their next book to read (so no spoilers!). I look forward to reading and reviewing all of the great books fiction has to offer but more importantly, I look forward to hearing what others have to say about them.

Treavor G. – Growing up I found that I had an insatiable desire to find some form of magic in this world. I lucked out when I found reading. For me reading began as a way to escape the boredom of everyday life, and instead live in an unlimited amount of worlds. One day I could read about wizards and fight epic battles, and the next I could experience the ultimate tragedy of unrequited love. A good book evokes feelings that most people just don’t experience on a day-to-day basis, if ever at all. My very favorite genre is Fantasy. If there is a book with magic, amazing creatures, and epic battles, I want to read it. That being said though, I tend to read a bit of everything (no one trick pony here!). 

Kim F.  My love for reading started as a way to avoid going to sleep as a child. I would sneak books into my bed and hide them under my pillow with a little flashlight so that I could read. The most memorable time was when I stayed up until 3am because I couldn’t bear to put Redwall down, and I realized I was hooked.Fast forward some years and my reading started to wane. I was getting too busy to read, or too tired once I finally had the time. The introduction of the ebook and ereaders rekindled (no pun intended) my love for reading. Suddenly I had one device to carry around hundreds of books, and I realized my penchant for book hoarding. I read tons of books during college, as an eclectic reader of both fiction and nonfiction, traipsing across genres into whatever fit my mood. It started with a Nook, then I switched to the Kindle more recently, and now I’ve been hooked again on print books, though I still love the ease and portability of the ebook. Whenever I’m not reading, I’m usually at the barn with my two horses and two miniature donkeys. Talk about cute! They keep me very busy and usually working in order to afford them. Too bad grass doesn’t grow year round!

Deb H. A little about myself, I love going to the movies, listening to the blues or just about any kind of music, and of course reading! If it sounds interesting I’ll read it, but I favor romance. My personal challenge in 2017 is to read 200 books, hopefully with a glass of wine in my hand at all times.

Kat C. – (Retired 2016)  I have also been an avid reader since before I can remember. As a closeted geek, my main interests are literary fiction and science fiction, but I don’t like to be pigeonholed. Really I’ll read anything that comes my way.  I enjoy discussing the literary merits – or lack thereof – of my reads, and I do my best to impart that in my reviews. I also welcome feedback, negative or otherwise, so please leave a comment! When I’m not reading, you can probably find me being equally critical of the latest movies, video games, or my beer of choice.

Welcome everyone to your Fiction Foresight!