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We here at FictionForesight are committed to providing great reviews for our readers. If you are interested in providing us with an ARC / Galley to review, simply fill out the form below and we will try our best to get back to you shortly! Thank you!


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Please note, FictionForesight is comprised of four reviewers: Treavor G., Kim F., Dan S. and Deb H. If you would like your book (or clients book) reviewed by all of us, you will need to provide four separate copies. If you would like only one reviewer to provide feedback, then only one copy is necessary. Unless specified in your message, we will choose which of us is more appropriate to review your particular book.

Physical copies are preferred, however ebooks will also be considered.

As an added bonus, we here at FictionForesight pride ourselves in never DNF labeling a book (Did Not Finish). To us, not finishing a book makes a review weaker, and potentially inaccurate. So while we will provide unbiased, and completely honest feedback, you will not have to worry about a DNF label.

In accordance with current FTC Guidelines, specifically in regards to blogging,  endorsements and reviews, we here at FictionForesight would like you to know that publishers,  authors, and third-party organizations (such as NetGalley) may provide us with free copies of books in exchange for a fair and honest review. While we do, in fact, purchase many of the books we review, please assume the books were provided for free unless noted otherwise. Each individual review will disclose this information.