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Dan’s Classic Throwback Thursday is a segment of Fiction Foresight wherein each month Dan S. takes a detailed look at one book that has been labeled as a “Classic”, and the author who wrote it. Each Thursday of that month various bits of information, reviews, and “fun-facts” will be posted. 

 *Here’s how each month will be broken down: 

  • Week 1 – This week is all about the reveal for that month’s classic, and Dan’s first impression of it. How it seems based on the first few sentences, what he has heard about it, what he expects, what he hopes… etc.
  • Week 2 – The second week is all about the Top Ten Quotes from the author. It is a cross between a Tops list and a Throwback post, designed to give the readers a glimpse of the person “behind the curtain” so to speak.
  •  Week 3 – The third week is more about the author; but this is about their other contributions to the literary realm with just a bit of biographical background thrown in. 
  •  Week 4 – The fourth week (which for most months will be the final week) will be the actual complete review of that month’s book. 
  •  Week 5 – Some months will have an extra Thursday. On these special months, it’s an “anything can happen week”. Dan might just tell you more facts or possibly even give the highly coveted Book vs. Movie review!!! Any way you look at it this is a random and fun week.


Overall this segment is meant to be interactive with you our prized fellow bookworms; expect plenty of questions, tweets, polls, book requests, and comments. So the next time you are feeling nostalgic, or are in a slump waiting for your next book in a series to come out, check out Dan’s Classic Throwback Thursday!