Review Policy


Despite the fact that FictionForesight is comprised of four separate reviewers, we do have a unified review policy.

First and foremost, we never accept money to provide reviews. However, as noted throughout the website, a number of the reviews we post, and will post, may result from free copies of books from publishers, authors and third-party organizations.

Second, we never file books under the “DNF” label. Even if we despise a book, we believe a complete and accurate review can only be achieved through a complete reading. That being said, each review we post is the opinion of that reviewer. Not every book will receive 5 stars. Above all else we here at FictionForesight value honesty, and we know you do too. So in keeping with that policy, we will be open and honest as to why we did or did not enjoy a particular book. Of course, regardless we will keep all reviews respectful.

Third, and possibly most importantly, please consider each review for what it is, a review from one (or two) person’s perspective. We absolutely, unequivocally, do not want to discourage anyone from reading a book. After all reading brings us so much joy, why would we want to take that away from you? Each and every person has a different personality. One book we hate, you may love; or vice-versa. We simply provide an opinion, one of many, that you may consider when choosing your next book.

Finally, there are four of us here reviewing books. While we may share a love for fiction, our opinions do not always match up. And that’s the best part! By providing more than one opinion we hope to give you a better idea of the books we’re reviewing. More often than not, we will be reviewing books separately from one another, but occasionally we will choose the same book to review. Either way, we will be sure to give you the best review we possibly can.


As a side note, please be aware of any tags that say “*Spoilers* Ahead”. Unless otherwise noted, any potential “spoilers” would be smaller details, only significant enough to provide complete reviews. If we plan to provide major spoilers, we would make a clear, unmistakable note saying so.